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A close look at the portrait of Marine Capt. John McKenna IV, who was killed in the Iraq war, reflects the priorities in his life.

"John loved life, loved being a Marine, loved being a state trooper and had love for his community," John McKenna III, the Marine’s father, of Clifton Park, said. Artist Phil Taylor presented the painting to the McKenna family Thursday during a ceremony at Albany International Airport in Colonie. “You can see that in his eyes in the portrait.”

The Marine’s mother, Karen McKenna, and sister Allyson McKenna also participated in the ceremony, which included Marines, state troopers, veterans and Patriot Guard members.

Albany County Executive Michael Breslin opened the ceremony recognizing the captain’s courage and sacrifice. McKenna was killed while trying to save the life of Lance Cpl. Michael Glover, who was mortally wounded in a battle at Fallujah. The men died while serving with Company F, 2nd Battalion 25th Marines, a reserve unit from Albany. McKenna earned a posthumous Silver Star for his bravery.

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